Somewhere Idaho...Tours

43977 Riverview Dr. • Kingston, ID 83839
Phone: 208-682-2133

Located in Kingston, Id. Call for directions.

Guided ATV Adventures provided by North Idaho's only licensed Outfitter — Somewhere Idaho...Tours! You thought it was gone and lost forever. But it's not. It is right here beckoning you in with its majestic, untouched beauty. This is mother nature as it was meant to be - alive with the sights and sounds that you thought only existed in books. Let it seduce you, awaken you and restore you. Enter a world where wild animals still run free, trees are hundreds of years old and there are too many shades of green to count. It is all here waiting for you to experience in... Somewhere Idaho.

Stop looking for the ultimate individual, family or corporate retreat. Your search ends right here. It is more than you could even imagine. Somewhere Idaho is an outdoor experience all from the comfort and thrill of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). Our tours are centered in beautiful North Idaho in the heart of what is known as the Silver Valley. Our tour guides are life-long residents of the Silver Valley. Rich in wild life and history, a day in Idaho's back woods is something you will never forget and will be eager to share with others.

Somewhere Idaho is committed to providing a memorable, educational and fun-filled experience for you, your family or your corporation.

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