Lee Bilger, Main Street Realty

116 N. Daisy. • Salmon, ID 83467
Phone: 208-756-2206 • 208-940-0251 • Fax: 208-756-1336

Lee Bilger, Realtor can be found at Main Street Realty in downtown Salmon.

Lee Bilger, realtor at Main Street Realty, is an Idaho native and has been a licensed agent since 1991 in the Salmon, Idaho area. She prides herself on professionalism, and her dedication to providing quality service is evident. As a result of her commitment to customers, Lee has received numerioius real estate awards. Whether you’re interested in selling your home or business, or purchasing a dream house in the beautiful Salmon River Valley, Lee has the knowledge and experience to provide outstanding results for all your real estate needs! She will go that extra mile for you!