Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho Chamber & Visitors Bureau

PO Box 2420 • Sun Valley, ID 83353
Toll Free: 866-305-0408

Sun Valley and Ketchum are located in South Central Idaho, approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Boise.

Welcome to the birthplace of the classic Rocky Mountain holiday. Certain places inspire a heavy, stress-relieveing sigh. It is the very thing we imagine Count Schaffgotsch doing in 1936 when he climbed a hill behind the little mining town of Ketchum, squinted through the sunshine, and surveyed what would become the West's first destination resort. you can still climb that hill to see the trails and streams of the Boulder Mountains and the fish-laden Big Wood River. Then you can make your way down to go skiing with friends and family, or in spring and summer, a round of golf or a trail ride. Maybe later you cruise the downtown shops, treat yourself witha spa visit, perhaps see a show. Folks get used to this sort of experience. We know, because they keep coming back. Every season, every year.