Venus Fine Furs

631 Sun Valley Rd. • Sun Valley, ID 83353
Phone: 208-726-7625 • Fax: 208-726-7652

Venus Fine Furs is located at 631 Sun Valley Road between Walnut and Spruce Streets in Sun Valley.

Experience timeless elegance with Venus Fine Furs. German owner, Brigitte Luise Esswein, caters to a wide audience with casual, elegant, fun, and exceptional furs rarely even found in a large city. Vests, jackets, and full-length coats are available in full and sheared beaver, mink, fox, chinchilla, Russian sable, and more. Accessorize your wardrobe with a hat, purse, scarf, or gloves accented in fur, silk, or cashmere. For those with artistic sense or a cowgirl spirit, Venus Fine Firs also carries wearable art in silk and contemporary Western leather. Silk items include hand-painted, hand-pleated scarves, blouses, and ponchos, while all leather items are hand-stitched from Montana. From international and designer furs to unique accessories, Venus Fine Furs has the selection to make your wardrobe dreams a reality!