Zantman Art Gallery of Sun Valley

360 N East Ave. • Ketchum, ID 83354
Phone: 208-727-9099 • Fax: 208-622-3148

Zantman Art Gallery is located at 360 N. East Avenue between Sun Valley Road and 4th Street in Ketchum/Sun Valley.

Zantman Art Gallery of Sun Valley is an international destination known for excellence in fine art since 1959. As Idaho’s premier art gallery, Zantman displays a variety of paintings, sculpture, and artifacts by acclaimed local and international artists, and the elegant showrooms showcase an atmosphere of tradition and quality. The gallery is dedicated to the fine arts and artistic expression, and the friendly, knowledgeable staff prides itself on representing unique artists in all classic mediums. Whether patrons possess an extensive collection or are just delving into the art world, Zantman Art Gallery is happy to assist with all fine art needs. Discover for yourself why Zantman Art Gallery of Sun Valley has been a favorite destination for art lovers for several years! Open daily.