Rexburg Chamber of Commerce

420 W. 4th South, CottonTree Conference Center• Rexburg, ID 83440
Phone: 208-356-5700 • Toll Free: 888-INFO 880 • Fax: 208-356-5700

From Highway 20, head east at the 1600 Street South Exit, and take a left on to the S Yellowstone Highway. Approximately 3 miles in, the Chamber will be located on your left.

The city of Rexburg, located in the Southeast corner of Idaho, has a population of over 22,000. At an elevation of 4,865 feet, Rexburg has cold winters and warm summers.

Rexburg covers just over 5 square miles. Fertile farmland and rich green acreage surround the city.

Rexburg is home to a university student population of over 11,000 most of the year, and welcomes "Sunbirds" in the summertime, retirees who enjoy the warm summer days and cool summer nights.

The area's major industry is Agriculture with grain, hay, and potatoes as the chief crops. Although the economy of the area revolves primarily around Agriculture, other industries such as Construction, Trade, and Services have had a significant effect on the area's economy. The Trade industry employs an average of about 3,800 persons in 300 business establishments. The Island Park and Teton Basin area, adjacent to Yellowstone Park on the east, are major tourist attractions with 35 resorts, lodges, inns, and dude ranches. The area has three potato processing plants that operate nine to ten months each year. There are also 11 fresh market potato warehouses.

The Chamber proudly sponsors many activities throughout the year to bring thousands of people to Rexburg. The Sunbird Program, the Idaho International Dance and Music Festival, and our July 4th Whoopee Days Celebrations are just a few.

The Idaho International Dance and Music Festival is a mixture of ceremony, dance instruction, dance performance, music, art, and a mingling of host families and dancers. This balance of activity provides time for the locals and the visitors to almost become
part of each others families. The Idaho International Dance and Music Festival is an organization of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce. A directing committee with hundreds of volunteers put together this great community event.

Each summer the Chamber of Commerce sponsors one day trips to area points of interest. Many are geared towards the visiting Sunbirds to help them get to know the area, but the general public is welcomed.

The Rexburg Chamber of Commerce offers about 20 day trips and tours around the area each summer, including free fly-fishing lessons, a tour of the Hess Museum, and a visit to the Spencer Opal Mines. The tours have been given since 1996 and are mainly for the vacationing Sunbirds but are open to the public.

The Spencer Opal Mines, in Spencer, Idaho, is known as the largest opal mine in the world. The opals were formed from a hot spring that has dried up. It was discovered by two lost deer hunters from Rexburg many years ago. It is actually called the "Lost Hunters Mine."

The Rexburg Chamber of Commerce sponsors two trips to the mine each summer. The cost of the trip is $25 and includes transportation and a sack lunch. The owner of the mine escorts the group to the mine and explains how the mine operates and different aspects of opal gem preparation. After lunch the group is allowed to scavange for opals in the tailings that are brought from the mine. It is a very fascinating tour.

The Day Tours are held during the summer each year. See the link on the left for a complete listing of the tours. Contact the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce for dates and times.