Athol, Idaho
Pop. 676

Established during the late 1800s and supposedly named after a Native American chief who once inhabited the area, Athol was incorporated in 1895 with the arrival of the first post office. By 1903, the settlement had grown to include a large steam-powered sawmill; however, when the structure was decimated in a 1912 fire, the town nearly disappeared. Upon the construction of the Farragut Naval Training Center in 1942, the town revitalized itself and thrived as the host to over 55,000 military personnel. No longer a ghost town, Athol actually became the state’s largest “city.” The training center, however, closed after World War II and was recreated into Farragut State Park in 1964. Today, the small town attracts park tourists and those visiting nearby Silverwood Theme Park, the Pacific Northwest’s largest amusement park.

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