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Bayview was founded in 1894 with the advent of northern Idaho’s timber industry. As time passed, the community’s economic dependence upon lumber shifted to the area’s large limestone deposits. The stone, which is the remains of ancient fossilized invertebrates, was quarried, and in 1911, an extension of the Spokane International Railroad arrived in Bayview. This development futher enhanced the economic vitality of the industrial community as the limestone was directly hauled to Spokane markets. Over time, the limestone quality deteriorated, and the quarries were forced to abandon their pursuits in the early 1930s. In 1936, the railroad that had promised a future for Bayview responded by shutting down the line.

Today, this community nestled along Lake Pend Oreille’s shores is a summer resort and quiet fishing getaway. For those still living in Bayview year-round, a mail boat transports packages on a daily water route. The town is also recognized as home to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, a site where the Navy researches and tests submarine technology.

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