Pend Oreille City

Location: Near Buttonhook Bay in Farragut State Park
In 1865, Pend Oreille City was one of the earliest settlements in the Idaho panhandle. Established on the northwestern edge of Buttonhook Bay, the community was founded by Zenas Leonard and quickly grew to include a hotel, general store, pool hall, and five houses. The community not only served as an overnight stop for freighters on Pend Oreille Lake, but also served as the lake’s first steamboat port. In 1866, Mr. Moody launched his 108-foot long Mary Moody steamboat capable of carrying fifty passengers, 10,000 pounds of freight, and eighty-five mules. The business and community flourished until 1876 when Missouri merchants beefed up their fleet of drift boats traveling to Fort Benton. The competition destroyed Mr. Moody’s business, and Pend Oreille City was soon just a fading memory.

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