Sprag Pole Museum

Location: Main Street in the town center, Murray
Phone: (208) 682-3901
The near ghost town of Murray is filled with a colorful past, and this heritage is captured in the many unique collections and exhibits found at the Sprag Pole Museum. The building was named after the supporting poles needed to hold up the wooden walls during winter when the facility was first constructed as an inn and saloon. Today, five connected buildings with a combined 10,000 square feet of space offer some of the most interesting relics and history in Idaho’s Panhandle. Memorabilia includes mining machinery, a vintage barbershop and doctor’s office, an old fashioned school room and post office, a replica of the bedroom of Murray’s most famous madam, Maggie “Mollie B’Damm” Hall, thousands of historic photos, Native American artifacts, and the plow that began Lookout Pass in 1921. In addition, over 100 collectible exhibits are on display, covering such topics as radios, phonographs, phones, rocks, bullets, and saloon jugs. Admission is always free, but visitors should call for museum hours.

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