Pop. 2,395

Originally called Jackass after Noah Kellogg’s famous donkey who discovered the area’s first gold vein, this northern Idaho community was established in 1886. When Robert and Jonathan Ingall platted the town near Milo Creek, they logically christened the fledgling mining community, “Milo.” Just one year later, residents decided to change the town’s name one last time in honor of Bunker Hill mine discoverer, Noah Kellogg. Developed around the mine, this small town and its economy was devastated when the local smelter and refinery suddenly closed in the early 1980s. In an attempt to recoup its losses and establish a new reputation, Kellogg developed the local ski hill into a major attraction with the world’s longest gondola. Lifting skiers nearly 3,400 vertical feet over 3.1 miles, the Silver Mountain gondola is popular year-round for the stunning views it provides of the valley below.

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