Pop. 990

Plummer lies in the heart of the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation and was founded in 1911 when government surveyors mapped out the Reservation boundaries. Many different tales exist regarding Plummer’s namesake. Some argue that the town was named after outlaw Henry Plummer who maintained a hideout near the townsite. However, others insist the name honors a member of the original survey crew, while still many more claim the town memorializes Mrs. Plummer and her purchase of the town’s first residential lot. The latter reason is widely disputed because the town’s name appears on a 1909 map, long before area lots were even up for sale. Lumber used to be the basis of employment in the area, but when the large stands of Ponderosa, fir, cedar, and tamarack trees were exhausted around World War I, the timber boom ended. Today, the sleepy town serves as a supply center for regional farmers and miners.

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