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Craigmont may seem like a sleepy town, but in the early 1900s there was intense feuding. In 1898 the town started out as “Chicago,” but soon the residents learned that having two Chicagos in America wasn’t going to cut it. They renamed their town Ilo after a local merchant’s daughter and resumed life as usual. In 1906, John Vollmer deceptively bypassed Ilo with the Camas Prairie Railroad by one mile. It was said he did this in order to establish a town under his own name. The Ilo settlement was bitterly upset, but left with little choice, picked up their town and settled one mile away, just across the tracks from Vollmer. At that point, the feuding escalated. Folks from one town blatantly did not like the folks from the other, and vice versa. Even the post office was located in a neutral spot between the two communities, and it is said the train in Vollmer would oftentimes stop behind a string of boxcars just so the passengers wouldn’t have to look at Ilo.

In 1920, after the schools consolidated (despite Ilo fighting the merger to the State Supreme Court), the towns finally agreed on becoming one city. They decided to name themselves after Idaho’s first permanent white settler, Colonel William Craig.

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