Dworshak Reservoir Area Trails

Dworshak Reservoir Area Trails
Distance: varies
Climb: gentle
Difficulty: easy
Usage: heavy
Location: Various access points are found near or within Dworshak State Park.

For those camping at Dworshak State Park, the 10 mile Big Eddy Trail leads to the Big Eddy Recreation Area north of Dworshak Dam. After crossing a small peninsula, this trail predominantly follows the reservoir’s shoreline. Another hike can be accessed south of Dworshak Dam. Merry's Bay Trail winds along the south shoreline of Dworshak Reservoir for 0.8 miles. The Canyon Creek Trail is a suitable option for families. At just 1 mile roundtrip, this trail begins near Canyon Creek Campground and wanders near the south shoreline. The final trail begins near the Wells Bench Road. At 2.5 miles one-way, the Cold Springs Trail leads to the Cold Springs Group Camp while following the reservoir’s shoreline. All four trails offer outstanding vistas of the reservoir, and fishing opportunities abound along the shore. Best months for hiking are June through September.

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