Goose Hump Wilderness Area Hikes

Hanover Ridge
Distance: 8 miles roundtrip
Climb: moderate
Difficulty: moderate
Usage: heavy
Location: At Grangeville, drive 32 miles south on County Road 221 (which turns into Forest Road 221). At the junction for FR 444 (Gospels Road), turn left and proceed on FR 444 13.3 miles to the Hanover Mountain Trailhead. FR 444 is a steep, washboard, loose gravel road and four-wheel drive is strongly recommended.

Climbing through meadows lined with wildflowers and forests that are prime elk and mountain lion territory, hikers will find outstanding views of the Gospel Hump Wilderness, Umbrella Butte, Seven Devils Mountains, and Buffalo Hump. A moderate day hike along Hanover Ridge, this trail is well-maintained until the switchback ascent leading to the 7,966-foot peak of Hanover Mountain. Best months for hiking are July and August.

Oregon Butte and Vicinity
Distance: 7 miles roundtrip
Climb: gradual
Difficulty: moderate
Usage: very light
Location: From Grangeville, drive 42 miles east on State Highway 14 to Crooked River Road. Turning onto this gravel road, continue 14 miles, passing the old mining town of Orogrande. At Forest Road (FR) 233 (Orogrande Summit Road), turn right and proceed to a road junction on top of Orogrande Summit. Bear left, driving past Lake Creek Campground, Hump Lake, and a private airstrip, arriving at the Jumbo Camp trailhead near the road’s end at Jumbo Mine. Accessing this trailhead requires four-wheel drive as the road is badly worn and steep bedrock areas on the road are often difficult to climb even with four-wheel drive.

Beginning in a marshy meadow, hikers will soon reach an intersection for FR 201 and Trail 202. Staying to the left, continue 2.25 miles on Trail 202 through Jumbo Canyon to a junction at Teepee Flats saddle. Take the right, switchback trail to reach an outstanding vista of the Salmon River Canyon and Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains from the top of Oregon Butte. Hikers will likely also see mountain goats and bighorn sheep in the area and shouldn’t be surprised to find the lookout tower on Oregon Butte still staffed. Best months for hiking are mid-July through August.

Optional Hikes: 0.25 miles past the junction of FR 201 and Trail 202 is a trail on the right leading to Brandon Lakes. Passing over the rugged Quartzite Ridge populated with mountain goats, hikers will reach the lakes situated in two different cirques.

After hiking 1 mile through Jumbo Canyon, a short, clearly marked trail leads down to Deer Lake.

Approximately 200 yards before reaching Tepee Flats Saddle, hikers can take a faint trail that leads to great fishing at Round Lake. Following a stream, the trail descends into a cirque and passes through a thick spruce forest before ending at the lake.

At the junction on Tepee Flats Saddle, take the left West Fork Trail leading down to the West Fork of Crooked Creek. Continuing 0.5 miles further on the West Fork Trail, find a well-defined side trail leading to Oregon Butte Lake. Although few fish are found in this lake, the hike is very scenic.

For hikers interested in Idaho’s mining history, Trail 230 at the Jumbo Camp Trailhead steeply descends into a valley with old mining buildings visible on your left. After crossing Jumbo Creek, mine tailings appear next to the trail which lead to the old mine and mill in 0.25-miles.

While driving along FR 233 (Orogrande Summit Road), reach Orogrande Summit and proceed 1.75 miles on the left fork to the Fish Lake Trailhead. The 2-mile moderate trail ends at Fish Lake, and numerous moose are rumored to inhabit the surrounding area.

After reaching Orogrande Summit on FR 233, proceed 2 miles along the right fork in the road leading to Wild Horse Lake. Park at Wild Horse Lake and climb 1,500 feet on a difficult 2-mile trail ending at the North Pole Mountain’s pinnacle.

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