Lowell Area Hikes

Fish Creek
Distance: 6 miles roundtrip
Climb: gentle
Difficulty: easy
Usage: heavy
Location: Drive 23 miles east of Lowell on US Highway 12. After crossing Fish Creek Bridge, locate the Fish Creek Trailhead.

Fish Creek Trail offers visitors an easy but scenic hike. The trail is suitable for day hikes, and most visitors choose to hike only as far as Willow Creek.

Boulder Creek Trail
Distance: 8 miles roundtrip
Climb: moderate
Difficulty: moderate
Usage: heavy
Location: On US Highway 12, drive 26 miles east of Lowell to the Boulder Creek Trailhead.

Hikers who have some experience backpacking find the Boulder Creek Trail a natural option for a moderate day hike to Lochsa Saddle. For those more adventurous, the Boulder Creek Trail also offers a difficult entry point leading to the Selway Crags area.

Warm Springs Creek
Distance: 4 miles roundtrip
Climb: moderate
Difficulty: moderate
Usage: heavy during first half of trip; light at destination point
Location: From Lowell, drive 55 miles east on US Highway 12 to the trailhead for Warm Springs Creek.

The first portion of Warm Springs Trail is heavily used due to the popularity of the hot springs found next to the trail. However, for those hikers interested in a more peaceful atmosphere, the trail continues to an old-growth cedar grove that is rarely frequented.

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