The Palouse Country Discovery Tour

Discover the farmlands, canyons, forests, and rural towns of Latah County on a scenic drive through the fertile rolling hills of Northern Idaho. Beginning in Lewiston, cross the Clearwater River on Highway 12 and reach the junction for Highway 3. At this junction, proceed northeast on Highway 3.
  1. Juliaetta and Kendrick are the first stops along this tour. This area inside the Potlatch Canyon is known for its mild climate and long growing season. It’s no surprise, then, that both communities are major fruit and vegetable producers. While driving down Juliaetta’s Main Street, notice the brick building with a corner entrance. This structure was built in 1889 and served as the community’s first bank. Driving just four miles to Kendrick, note the many historic buildings lining the business district. Most were constructed after the town experienced a devastating fire in 1904.
  2. From Kendrick, merge off Highway 3 onto Highway 99 and drive up Brady Gulch to the Scandinavian town of Troy. Proceed east on Highway 8 to Dreary, taking in the beautiful sights at Spring Valley Reservoir as well as numerous opportunities for nature walks and fishing.
  3. At Dreary, drive 10 miles along Highway 8 to the once thriving community of Bovill. Named after Lord Hugh and Lady Charlotte Bovill, the town was once a busy recreational spot for fishermen and hunters. The downtown area boasts the Hotel Bovill and a two-story opera house as reminders of the town’s glory days. Continue through the forests on Highway 8 to Elk River. This community once boasted a prosperous logging business. Today, it is most known for its trail access to the beautiful Elk River Falls. After visiting the waterfall, drive back to Dreary on Highway 8.
  4. Upon reaching Dreary again, drive northwest on Highway 9 to the town of Harvard and the junction with Highway 6 and 95A. Follow Highway 6 and 95A 3.5 miles before bearing right on Palouse River Road. Follow the road to 120-acre Laird Park. Maintained by the US Forest Service, the park offers a scenic picnic area and a swimming hole the whole family is sure to love.
  5. Back in Harvard, proceed along Highway 6 to Princeton and Potlatch. In 1905, the Potlatch Lumber Company constructed America’s largest steam-driven mill here and the community of Potlatch quickly sprang up. Although the mill was torn down in 1983, the site still boasts the Scenic Six Historic Park. Be sure to stop at the City Hall and pick up a brochure for the self-guided tour of the town’s historic district.
  6. From Potlatch, bear north onto Highway 95 and proceed to the turnoff for McCroskey State Park. Dedicated to the memory of pioneer women, the park boasts mountain crests, spectacular vistas of the Palouse country, and several picnic tables scattered along the windy, dirt road. After taking in the scenery, return to Highway 95 and proceed south to Moscow.
  7. The lively cultural and educational center of Moscow serves as Latah County seat. The area is characterized by a rich history, and the Chamber of Commerce provides walking tour brochures of historic downtown and residential districts.
  8. After taking time to explore Moscow, drive south on Highway 95 through rich farmlands to the summit of Lewiston grade. At 2,400 feet, this point provides panoramic views of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers and the city of Lewiston. Proceed down the highway’s steep grade to end the tour back in Lewiston.

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