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Kamiah’s name (pronounced KAM-ee-eye) is derived from the Nez Perce word “kamia,” meaning “ropes.” The Indians collected kame hemp in this area and used it as building material for ropes and mats. During the early 1800s, the Nez Perce wintered here and fished the Clearwater River for steelhead. Most notably, the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped for four weeks (May 14 to June 9, 1806) just northwest of the present-day Kamiah bridge on the river’s east bank. The expedition was headed back to St. Louis, but the party was forced to wait near Kamiah for the last of the winter snows to melt. An official settlement and post office were established here in 1878, and the town developed a reputation for its timber industry. Although the logging industry eventually faded from Kamiah’s spotlight, the town still attracts year-round visitors and attention with its numerous community events and beautiful surroundings.

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