Pop. 40

Four Catholic families migrating from Kansas settled this tiny town in 1883. Upon arriving, they immediately started a fund in order to build a church. One of the settlers placed an ad in a St. Louis paper praising the new Catholic settlement. This attracted Henry Kuther, who built the first store and applied for a community post office. Bearing no sons at the time, Henry wanted the town named Kutherville in order to preserve his name; however, the post office misread the postal application and the spelling was forever altered. Luckily for Henry, he later went on to father two sons.

In 1911 a fire destroyed the town church, but it was quickly rebuilt the following year and sustained its role as the community center for numerous years. During the community’s first five years of existence, most residents were German, so the town’s business and church services were conducted completely in German. This language situation has since changed, but the town retains its distinction as the third oldest settlement on the Camas Prairie.

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