Marshall Lake Mining District

Location: Idaho County
Several small settlements arose in the Marshall Lake Mining District, but no large towns ever prospered in the area. The Golden Anchor mine was discovered in 1915, and it soon became the area’s mining headquarters with its few surrounding buildings and a school. For several years, state mine inspector, J.A. Czizek, owned the mine. When the mine reopened in 1940, a post office with the name Czizek was established. World War II, however, forced the closure of the mine and settlers at Czizek moved away.

Nearby, on a ridge above Bear Creek, was the tent town of Bungville. Established in 1902, the community was short-lived as it was primarily composed of miners from Florence waiting for snows to melt to begin prospecting again. As soon as the roads opened up, Bungville’s residents packed up camp, and the tent town disappeared as quickly as it arose.

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