Mesa/Council Area Hikes

Laurel Hot Springs
Distance: 4 miles roundtrip
Climb: gentle
Difficulty: easy
Usage: light
Location: Driving north on US Highway 95, locate the small town of Mesa. Directly north of Mesa, exit US Highway 95 and merge onto Forest Road (FR) 186 (Middle Fork Road). Proceed 9 miles on FR 186 until locating the Trail 203 trail marker on the road’s left side.

Situated in Indian Valley and the West Mountains, Laurel Hot Springs is a remote destination where most visitors encounter more cows than other hikers. Hiking along a wooded slope, visitors will find shallow, hot pools waiting for them at the end of the trek. Best months for visiting are June through September.

Sheep Rock Nature Trail
Distance: 1 mile roundtrip
Climb: gentle
Difficulty: easy
Usage: moderate
Location: From Council, locate Hornet Creek Road and proceed northwest. Hornet Creek Road eventually turns into Forest Road (FR) 002. Continue on FR 002 until reaching a junction with FR 105. Bear north on FR 105 and continue to the junction with FR 108. Turn onto FR 108 and drive 9 miles to Sheep Rock.

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