Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway

Starting through hay meadows, rolling hills and the winding course of Jordan Creek, you’ll soon climb into the mountains and gnarled stands of juniper woodlands. Numerous mountain ranges frame the picturesque desert, with Idaho’s Owyhees rising to the north. From expanses of sagebrush and wildflowers, to rough, rock-walled rivers and streams, the Owyhee Uplands represent what many people believe the real West is all about.

The loop begins 80 miles southwest of Boise. It can be reached from the west through Jordan Valley, Oregon, and from the east, on Idaho 78 near Grand View, Idaho. The route is mostly one and one-half lanes of graveled road. The byway is usually impassable from late November through March because of snow. Also, precipitation can make the road treacherously slick. The best times of year to drive the byway are early summer and fall. The byway is 101 miles, and from Boise, it is an all-day trip.

Reprinted from Idaho Department of Transportation Brochure

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