Location: Drive 1 mile east of Cambridge on US Highway 95; bear south (right) on the first paved road and proceed 1 mile to the Sulbria Road intersection
In the early 1880’s, settlers began staking homesteads in the Salubria Valley, also known as the Weiser Valley, near the Weiser River. At the same time, Irish emigrant John Cuddy erected a flour mill on the nearby Rush Creek. As he saw the community of Salubria grow, Cuddy moved his mill to the new town and was soon producing three tons of flour per day. By 1890, the town included Cuddy’s mill, a bank, a saloon, several blacksmith shops and livery stables, a mercantile, feed and hardware stores, the seventeen-room Salubria Hotel, a two-story schoolhouse, the newspaper office for the “Salubria Citizen,” and an Odd Fellows Hall.

By all accounts, the town was filled with hope of prospering for years to come and the construction of the Pacific and Idaho Northern Railroad through town was to assure this positive fate. However, a land dispute in Salubria and a better land offer near the present town of Cambridge caused the railroad to change its course. As the railroad bypassed Salubria, the community faded and many residents relocated to Cambridge.

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