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This nearly extinct town was established at the mouth of the Yankee Fork during the 1880s. As prospectors arrived in herds at the Loon Creek area in 1869, some of these miners eventually decided to branch out on their own. One such miner was Ebenezer E. Cunningham who migrated to the area in hopes of striking it rich. In an attempt to locate placer gold, Cunningham planned to divert water from a nearby stream and form a ditch. With this grand scheme in mind, Cunningham built the area’s first cabin (which later became the area’s first store) and named his town “Junction Bar” after the point where the ditch was to be completed. Cunningham soon ran out of funds, so he sold his dream and claim to the Sunbeam Mining Company. Bearing the mine’s name, this tiny community operated a post office from 1907 to 1912.

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