Thousand Springs Scenic Byway

From the Snake River Plain Aquifer, an abundance of natural springs gush from the steep canyon walls and cascade into the river below. In fact, the aquifer creeps through an area of several thousand square miles under southern Idaho’s porous volcanic rock before emerging from the springs in the cliffs of the Snake River Canyon.

This pure, clean, oxygenated water maintains a constant temperature of 58 degrees F., ideal conditions for trout. The hatcheries located along the 30-mile stretch of the Snake River in the Hagerman Valley raise about 70 percent of the trout produced in the United States.

Today, hydroelectric and irrigation projects divert some of the water. So while you won’t see literally a “thousand springs” along the route, it is nevertheless an impressive sight.

In Twin Falls guided boat tours are available that take visitors to see Shoshone Falls. Passengers get close enough to feel the spray on their faces. At 212 feet, it is 52 feet higher than Niagara Falls. Boat tours and dinner cruises are available in the Hagerman area allowing visitors to get up close and personal with some of the Thousand Springs along a beautiful stretch of the Snake River.

The byway begins at Interstate 84 near Bliss and follows US 30 southeast through Twin Falls to Idaho 50, then north on Idaho 50 to I-84. The byway also traverses US 93 from Twin Falls north to I-84. The byway can be seen year round, and the Hagerman Valley is known for its very mild winters. The best time to see Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls is in early spring. Travelers should allow at least 1.5 hours for this 67.8-mile trip.

Reprinted from Idaho Department of Transportation Brochure

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