Pop. 840

As Mormon emigrants migrated to the Teton Valley and settled the Driggs area, the Saints at Driggs advised later settlers to proceed south and settle the land near the Teton Pass. Following the Saints’ order, several homesteaders moved to the area in 1899 and established a colony. With the LDS Church governing the community, the site became known as “Raymond” after Mormon Bishop David Raymond Sinclair. In 1901, the federal government finally incorporated the site, and the small colony grew into a town. Just a few years later, the town’s name was changed to honor George Victor Sherwood. A courageous man, Sherwood continued to deliver mail from the town to Jackson, Wyoming despite a hostile scare from Bannock Indians during the settlement’s formative years.

While Victor’s economy relied heavily upon a limestone quarry that operated from 1926 to 1970, the area now serves several alfalfa/hay ranches. Victor has also become a popular stopping point for tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.

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