Hikes in the Deep Creek Mountains Area

Deep Creek Crest
Distance: 4.4 miles roundtrip
Climb: moderate
Difficulty: difficult
Usage: light
Location: At Arbon Valley, merge off Interstate 86 at Exit 52 and follow Arbon Valley Road 24 miles to a road junction. Proceed straight at this junction on Arbon Valley Road. After 3 miles, bear right onto Knox Canyon Road heading toward the Deep Creek Mountains and locate the informal trailhead in 7 miles at the 7,330-foot pass. Park next to a dirt roadway on the pass’ right side and locate the obvious trail marked “no motor vehicles” leading through the brush.

The Deep Creek Crest trail is ideal for hikers who enjoy solitude, cross country hikes, and route finding along mountain crests. Hikers will traverse over and around lichen covered limestone with spectacular views of Deep Creek Peak, Bannock Peak, and several other area peaks. Heading up the trail through the brush, the trail soon fades, so hikers should proceed toward Peak 7,814. In just 0.3 miles, this peak will be attained, and hikers should proceed east (right) around this peak. From here, hike north along a saddle to Peak 7,804 and drop down on the ridgeline, staying east of Peak 7,800 to reach Peak 7,855. At this point, bear northeast through sagebrush and wildflowers to this hike’s 2.2-mile destination at Peak 7,580. Best months for hiking are June through September.

Optional Hikes: For adventurous hikers confident in their route finding skills, the Deep Creek Crest continues for approximately 8 more miles amid limestone cliffs and lichen covered boulders.

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