Paris Tabernacle Historical Site

Location: 109 South Main Street, Paris
Phone: (208) 945-2072
Perhaps one of Paris’ most notable landmarks, the Paris Tabernacle Historical Site is well worth visiting. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Paris Tabernacle has a rich heritage rooted in the community’s early days. Designed by Joseph Young, the Gothic style church was constructed by the town’s first Mormon settlers over the course of five years. Residents quarried red sandstone from eastern Bear Lake nearly 18 miles away to build the church’s exterior, and a former shipbuilder handcrafted the interior with pine from nearby forests. To the astonishment of visitors today, all of the interior woodwork is held together with the original handmade square nails. After a significant amount of time and labor, residents finally completed the tabernacle in 1889. The tabernacle, which served Mormons within a 50-mile radius, became the first Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stake center outside of Utah. Today, visitors can marvel at this architectural beauty on a guided tour. The site is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily Memorial Day to Labor Day. Admission is free.

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