Pioneer Historic Byway

On this route, travelers can retrace some steps of Idaho’s early pioneers and follow the historic path taken by early-day Yellowstone Park visitors. From Franklin, Idaho’s oldest settlement, this byway heads north to Soda Springs and on to the Wyoming border. This route offers the shortest distance and time between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone Park.

Along the way you can see the remnants of the first grist mill in Idaho, one of the original Yellowstone Highway markers, the 100+ year old Mormon Oneida Academy, the site of the massacre at Bear River, Devil’s Hand, the Niter Ice Cave, Last Chance canal, cinder cones from extinct volcanoes, a section of the Oregon-California Trail, and many other historical points of interest, documenting early settlement in this portion of Idaho.

Soda Springs offers numerous opportunities for visitors. Among a variety of historic attractions, the town features the world’s only captive geyser, with a plume of almost 100 feet. In addition, the nearby Formation Springs Nature Conservancy Area contains a travertine-formed cave and excellent waterfowl and wildlife viewing.

This scenic byway begins at the Utah state line and follows US 91, then Idaho 34, north to US 30 and then east to Soda Springs where it meets the Oregon Trail-Bear Lake Scenic Byway. From there, north on Idaho 34 toward the Wyoming state line. US 91 is a two-land road with some passing lanes. Idaho 34 is a two-lane road with one moderately steep grade between Wayan and the Wyoming border. This is a heavy snowfall area with most winter travel being made on a snow floor. The section of Idaho 34 between Soda Springs and the Wyoming border may occasionally be closed in the winter. The byway can be seen year-round, and travelers should allow at least 2.5 hours for this 127-mile trip.

Reprinted from Idaho Department of Transportation Brochure

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