Ultimate Press Real Estate Referral Program

It’s simple. Prospects find you on our “Real Estate Information Request” page: UltimateIdaho.com/brochures/. They check the box next to your business specifically asking for information from you, fill out the form and submit the request to us. We forward the referral to you immediately for follow up. You can answer them while they’re hot and potentially convert them to a sale. This is an outstanding way to get highly qualified prospects that are specifically interested in your business.

How do we get the referrals?
UltimateIdaho.com has top five rankings on Google and other search engines for practically every Idaho vacation, travel or hotel search term. We have top 10 rankings for over 80 search terms, and top 20 rankings for an additional 70+ terms. That number is constantly growing. Estimated traffic for 2008 is 1.5 million plus hits, 250,000+ visits, and 1 million plus pageviews. Over 40% of our visits are return visitors. Practically every page on our website (2,500+) has a link to the brochure request page. People don’t visit our site unless they are looking for travel or relocation information. Once we have a good representation from the entire state, we will invest significantly in search engine keyword advertising driving even more potential real estate buyers to our “Real Estate Information Request” page.

What happens when we get the request?
We send it directly to you, sometimes within minutes and almost always within 24 hours of receiving it.

Investment for Real Estate Categories
• $3 per referral with a $300 deposit*
• $4 per referral with a $150 deposit*
• $5 per referral with no deposit*
(credit card required for automatic billing).
*Charges are deducted from your deposit as referrals are sent to you. When threshold balance is reached, you will be notified and your credit card will be charged for a new deposit if we don’t hear instructions to the contrary. Your commitment is based on the deposit.

Available categories:
• Residential
• Businesses For Sale/Commercial
• Recreational (Fly-Fishing/Hunting)
• Land and Ranch
• Resort/Vacation
• Luxury Homes
• Investment Properties: Residential and Vacation

Can I be under more than one category?
We place you under one category of your choice. You may appear under additional categories, but each category requires a separate deposit and will be charged individually even if your business is clicked on in more than one category. For example: you are listed under “Residential” and “Luxury Homes”. If the prospect clicks on both of those, you will be charged for two referrals and will be drawn from each deposit accordingly. There is a limit of 3 categories per company, unless we are unable to find another company to fill vacant categories.

How many Real Estate companies will be listed under a category from my town?
Positions are exclusive. For most small markets, we will only allow one company per category per town. Larger markets are limited to 2-3 per category per town. Once you own a spot, it is yours until you opt out of the program. Category/town positions are first come-first served.

Can you guarantee me sales?
Wish we could. What we can give you are names of people who were interested enough to follow the links for real estate information and took the time to fill out our form. They didn’t get to our site unless they were looking for vacation or real estate information,or they clicked through on one of our ads triggered by a search on their part for real estate. Bottom line, they don’t get to our page by accident.

Can you guarantee accurate information?
We review every information request we receive. If a referral is clearly bogus (Mickey Mouse at Disneyland), you will never see it. If mail to the prospect is returned marked “no such address or addressee”, send us the rejected label and we’ll credit you.

How many referrals can we expect per month?
We can’t answer that. It depends on how many are looking for properties in your area.

For more information call (406) 585-0237

You can print this page for your reference, or click here to download a PDF file of this information.

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