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Did you know that 30-35% of travelers plan their entire trip prior to leaving home and leave no flexibility in their plans? Another 30-35% plan almost everything they will do leaving very little flexibility (source: Montana Tourism Institute). That means that 60-70% of visitors to Idaho have already planned where they’re going to stay, where they will eat, and what they will do while they’re here—before they get here! (Source: Montana Tourism Institute). It means that any marketing effort you do to reach visitors after they arrive in Idaho will only be effective on the 25-30% that leave flexibility in their travel plans. If you’re not reaching them while they’re planning their trip, you’re probably not going to get them as a customer. Doesn’t it make sense to reach them in the planning stages? Ultimate Press now has two exciting new programs to help you capture potential visitors while they are planning their trip.

1. Direct Referral Program
Prospects find you on our “Brochure Request” page. They check the box next to your business specifically asking for information from you, fill out the form and submit the request. You receive the referral immediately for follow up. If you have the ability to follow up effectively and to do additional marketing efforts to qualified prospects, this is a program for your business. You can answer them while they’re hot and convert them immediately. This is an outstanding way to get highly qualified prospects that are specifically interested in your business.

Investment for Travel and Vacation Referrals:
• $1 per referral with a $300 deposit*
• $1.50 per referral with a $150 deposit*
• $2 per referral with no deposit
(credit card required for automatic billing).
*Charges are deducted from your deposit as referrals are sent to you. When threshold balance is reached, you will be notified and your credit card will be charged for a new deposit if we don’t hear instructions to the contrary. Your commitment is based on the deposit.

How do we get the referrals?
UltimateIdaho.com has top five rankings on Google and other search engines for practically every Idaho vacation, travel or hotel search term. We have top 10 rankings for over 80 search terms, and top 20 rankings for an additional 70+ terms. That number is constantly growing. Estimated traffic for 2008 is 1.5 million plus hits, 250,000 plus visits, and 1 million plus pageviews. Over 40% of our visits are return visitors. Practically every page on our website (2,500+) has a link to the brochure request page. People don’t visit our site unless they are looking for travel or relocation information. Once we have a good representation from the entire state, we will invest significantly in search engine keyword advertising driving even more potential travelers buyers to our “Vacation Brochure Request” page.

2. Brochure Mailout Program
Don’t have time to follow up individually with requests? Want to reach the maximum number of people that are planning a trip? Want to get your brochure in the hands of as many people as possible before they get here? Now you can send your brochure directly to individuals who have requested travel information on your region and the state from various Chambers and CVBs or www.ultimateidaho.com at a fraction of what it would cost you to mail it out alone. For as little as 20¢ per brochure, you can get your message in front of potential travelers while they are actively planning their vacation. Whether it’s lodging, dining, activities or adventure, wouldn’t you rather have your business as part of a traveler’s itinerary rather than take the chance they’ll find you and be able to fit you in after they arrive? What would it cost you to mail out your own brochure? There’s postage, envelope, labor, lead cost, and opportunity cost. Why not let us do it for you and get each brochure in the hands of someone looking for what you’re selling? We can mail your brochure only to requests for your region, or to all requests for general Idaho travel information.

Investment for Travel and Vacation Brochure Mailout:
• 1,000 brochures: $300 (30¢ per brochure)*
• 2,000 brochures: $500 (25¢ per brochure)*
• 5,000 brochures: $1,000 (20¢ per brochure)*
*Oversized brochures are slightly additional

How do we get the names and addresses we mail to?
We partner with multiple chambers and visitor bureaus and receive inquiries they get from phone calls, mail and their web sites. In addition, we capture visitors to our website by offering our “Ultimate Idaho Atlas and Travel Encyclopedia CD-ROM for free. All of those we mail to are actively seeking information on Idaho travel related businesses.

For more information, or to get started call (406) 585-0237

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