Belwoods Furniture & More

301 Cedar St • Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: 208-263-3189
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Located on the corner of 3rd and Cedar in downtown Sandpoint.

Originally opened as The Furniture Exchange by Charley Pennington in 1933, this store has had three owners add their touch to its character. In 1975, second owner Alvie Jeffres sold the store to a 27-year-old delivery truck driver working for there. Young Ernie Belwood, with the help of his father-in-law, Ross Payne, bought the store, changed its name to Belwood’s Furniture, and for 30 years built it into the premier store it is today. In 2005, Ernie retired and passed the store on to daughter Lori Stites who runs it today. When you visit Belwood’s, you know immediately this isn’t a big box store. It’s apparent that it is run by a family who takes pride in their customer service, and understands that, in the end, your reputation is what counts the most.